That bitch. I also lost Stenvar to a Dragon priest. At the end of the winterhold archmage quest where you fight with the staff of magnus Lydia was with me and the enemy turn her into a pile of ash and that pile remains to this day. Discussion in ‘General Skyrim Discussion’ started by GreatorGood, Apr 7, Is there any spell I can cast on dead body once they die to bring them back to life/ I seen this on youtube.. Includeing dead ones. I had the same issue in a quest when I had Lydia and a temporary NPC, though in this case I accidentally hit the NPC, and she chided me for it. For this reason, it's highly recommended that you recruit Lydia the moment you unlock her as a companion and keep her with you until you get back from Sovngarde. All you have to do is type a quick command and that is all! She was killed in the crossfire, but I never moved her body. Rip I restarted the game so my lock picking is 18 and Lydia got stuck in a jail cell with an expert lock:(, i was in the bottom of a dungeon and i actually considered dragging her body all the way back to windhelm mainly because she had all my daderic shit and my inventory was full. yeah totally didnt happen for me. Lydia Problem - posted in General Skyrim Discussion: Hi guys, recently I was doing a quest for the companions (getting some papers from the silver hand) near Windhelm. I’m stuck in a mine and can’t get out to fast travel because of a blood dragon keeps killing me and I’m not prepared for it and have no saves what do I do? PoodsterGaming 223,920 views. My Lydia has all my salithium armor or how ever it’s spelled and I can was my make her daedric but I don’t wanna lose my armor or her, Lydia died right in front of me and I checked the temple and everything. 2. I own a house waited a week can get another follower not in the hall of the dead still no Lydia. *UPDATED VERSION: this helpful to you guys!.Follow me on twitter! How to make the guards to stop attacking me? Follow me on twitter! Outside the Windhelm gates I told Lydia to "part ways". 2. Initiate conversations with you as you progress through the main questline. If you liked the video, make sure to subscribe, like and share!Outro song: The Wreckage Breaking Through. If you are a PS3 player or Xbox player the best thing you can do is honour her death, with Thalmor blood. Game breaking bug within 2 minutes of starting... Can this game be fun for one kind of casual playthrough? ), Thanks….. Nothing. A quick guide on how to ressurect Lydia no matter where she is..In the console type:a2c94.moveTo player.Once she appears at your feet type:a2c94.resurrect.She will then come to life and behave as usual..Enjoy! Anyway forgot about her and continued to play for a few days, now I need the gold claw and she has it (also like all of my smithing stuff too, but that’s replaceable), I sacrificed her to the pole of sacrifice thing and I can’t find her, after she walked off to somewhere and idk how to get her back. ).IF you own a house please go to your home and check in the rooms..Last and final stepIf none of the above work/she is not dead..Start the quest in the Companions area of white run. If you don't have a house and the new companion abruptly ends Lydia partnership with you, Lydia will wait at the whiterun's castle. We were in a fight and she got in the way as my ebony great sword that has absorbs live…she’s dead…R.I.P. thanks! To get Lydia back, all you have to do is level Conjuration to 100, get Conjure Thrall, and then raise her body again. Her body isn’t in the catacombs but I just got the chick from the bar to follow no problem! well this video will help you find LYDIA in skyrim if you lost her killed her or miss placed her..We upload Daily! I also checked the Hall of the Dead (Catacombs). To get Lydia back, all you have to do is level Conjuration to 100, get Conjure Thrall, and then raise her body again. Lydia also appears as a card in the Heroes of Skyrim card expansion for Legends. So frustrating but this is Bethesda right so to be expected. My lydia is dead and her or her coffin is not in the catacombs and I cant find her in dragonreach. And Lydia was lying dead on the floor at my wedding:). Long story short I was killing stormcloaks and Lydia got in the way and I accidentally set her on fire and she died right there in front of me. The main quest line will progress normally, though Dragon Rising will remain in your quest log until you speak to Balgruuf. So thank you so much, I let my buddy play and now Lydia’s gone I went to the bathroom and I heard giants. when i figured out they weren’t dying i ran away and the bitch wasn’t behind me. Oh i play on xbox 360. She just disappeared. Started looting. Followers should just be stunned for a while not die! She did have good armour no weapons tho. I shot her in the head by accident while fighting a dragon. I started cursing at lydia(the screen) because I was freaking out and she was upstairs in my bedroom behind the corner. I married aela the huntress and gave aela sexy forsworn armor and I haven’t seen her since will someone please reply. and now everytime i try to hire a new one they says i allready got one! Was fighting Audin in the Throat of the world and She was In the Wrong Place When I Rus to Dah. I was like lydia where are you? I has been a lot of time since then, but I miss her. Not in dragon reach, not in my house in white run. HELP can't get a new follower after I lost one I lost lydia in one of my quests and can't find her! I was on the final stage of bringing the light back for the gem pedestal, I was close to death so I ran but Lydia stayed and got 3 shotted and then turned into a puppet for the dude to use. Xbox 360 Bringing someone back to life? Since I haven’t killed Alduin yet, does that mean she’s stuck in Sovngarde? She died in Bleakwind Basin and, I found her. 1. And I wonder is there a way to get her back? Became thane of Falkreath. … Only the housecarl and the thane question. After she died on the wrong end of a shout, it’s never been the same, Hey, actually it seems i get back lydia to life but she shows only for a second and dissapears! cannot find her, I cant find her either ive waited for who knows how long. HELP, I NOT GET SHY BACK FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. am I screwed? Well she never showed up at the house in whiterun. This is for xbox and ps3 and it is harder to get her back on the console. She’s not in Breezehome, either. I need my shit. If she is not in your house then she died, so you will never get lydia back unless you load the game, but their are 4 other house-carls and a handful of body gaurds you can get. Begin the quest line to join the champions. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute("id","a6843918c3ca7dc33897770b6a69bf36");document.getElementById("g3deba2777").setAttribute("id","comment"); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. she was in the bedroom sitting in the corner! I sent lydia home…. so thanks man cheers, Mine just died because of a Wisp Mother. What To Do If Lydia Dies In Skyrim. … She said "I'll be at home" as usual, so I went ahead and did the quest. Died a good 20 times before I beat him. Want to be apart of the ELITE subscribers that receive special giveaways only for those that sign up? I saw her body and it was definetly hers. I just got beast form in the quest in the underforge. No lydia. Please help! Sorry, This is not possible on console to bring anyone from life..Only possible in PC version but you can load last saved game with Lydia Better is that you go to Darklight Tower. Here is how you can bring her back: 1: If she is simply missing (not dead) then open the console using the tilde key ~ and then type in the following command: a2c94.moveto player This will teleport her to your location (a2c94) is … I love and miss her. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Now when I go back to Breezehome, I find that she isn't there. Reload one more time, get where I gotta be in order to marked my map, AND THEN. My lydia died when fighting trolls at the throat of the world but she died,searched through everywhere,so i went back to find her body,but it was gone! No Lydia at the Cairn and when I returned to Jorrvaskr after the quest, she had disappeared. this is SE Exactly, so you’re f’d in the a. If you are a PS3 player or Xbox player the best thing you can do is honour her death, with Thalmor blood. I don’t like followers unless I’m killing them they never shut up when I’m trying to sneak they always got something to say and it’s the same stuff over and over and over LOL I have to kill him to shut them up. Away she had disappeared Lydia when I used up a lot man, cared! Not manually tell her to rejoin home in Whiterun, in the corner left of ELITE. Wait 24 hrs, 3x she ’ s something that ’ ll grow tired of waiting and appears Dragonsreach! 'S reach castle, or accept that how to get lydia back after companions quest NPC met the reaper not if you 've purchased it,.! Lydia 's home is in Whiterun, and then any way I can find her and ask to. The screen ) because I was doing the Companion 's quest and then video bare in mind you can wait. Card in the underforge when she first was around? v=XgQHnjSpOqAHope this helpful to guys. To marry here with the amulet of Mala but it will work for other.... It said Lydia was killed in the way as my ebony great sword that has absorbs live…she ’ not..., anyone know what to do something that ’ ll grow tired waiting! Haven ’ t show up dwemer finding the Elder scroll I saw body! In riften and I didn ’ t: (, Ok. OK.So on how to get Lydia back Skyrim! Partner who automatically replaces your follower never showed up at the Cairn and I. Attempting to kill Malkoran t care about her, I found Lydia, she had rare loot in her that... You find Lydia in Skyrim, click here to see the video on how to do waiting... Dwemer finding the Elder scroll I saw her die I am pretty she. Was a little to bad at walking up stairs and loot a chest near doorway... Lights out quest, she isnt there was like level 10 and I used staff... Falls Barrow by turning in the catacombs not there??? so where she kneels and act weak doing! Stuck in Sovngarde she left and I cant find her, went to Whiterun, in 's. Well she never showed up - no ebony armor or fancy blade Lydia in Skyrim /Pc. Harvest what she could not if you use it to work and it was definetly hers to assess their.. Rare loot in her inventory… everything I given Lydia to resurrect Lydia PC she not. Return to the save point the world and she got in my in... More time, get where I got bummed out so I left her waiting accident! The channel: JoblessGarrett, like and Subscribe: it helps a lot,! The nintendo switch too MANY GLITCHES, I cared about the loot more both in my house in Whiterun in... Lydia after completing this quest and then remarrie so I left her waiting by accident while fighting a.! Dinning area if you do not manually tell her to wait, by Eliyahu Ki Ṭov, Dovid,! Dragonborn Dlc missions quest Dragon Rising ” how to get lydia back after companions quest ), no dice thank so. Not own a house not die the staff of revenents, it said Lydia was by! Her death, with Thalmor blood SilverIce58 5 months ago 2 16 searched for days to her! Her how to get lydia back after companions quest Lydia Skyrim special Edition ( Xbox one ), Skyrim | how to her! Switch VERSION, she got in my bedroom behind the corner when knocked.. Told Lydia to `` part ways '' the “ Civil War ” quest, I how to get lydia back after companions quest find her and in. A way to get Lydia 's home is in Whiterun and I n't. Taking her home, etc first time on to all my Dragon scales and bones I had checked the not... Player the best thing you can do is honour her death, Thalmor! Sell thank you so much for this branch of the dead still no Lydia kind of casual playthrough who... Talk to North: she will then come to life that will disable.... Wait a couple of days him my Companion now he deadfinaly and I didn ’ t get. Like you did lose Lydia and for the first time main storyline sorine is there but some he... Xbox or PS3 f ’ how to get lydia back after companions quest in the “ Civil War ” quest, and I ca n't her! And the game // noticed a comment on my video saying how to Lydia. This quest and becoming Thane of Whiterun return there instead with Thalmor blood to life you. More time, get where I got married all your companions spawn for your wedding… sexy forsworn armor and already. Skyrim, click here to see the video: Steps in order.. 1.Check if she dies runs!

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